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hope for heidedal

Heidedal is a township in Bloemfontein in the Free State province.  The province has the highest unemployment rate as well as the highest percentage of unemployed women according to Stats SA.  36,7% of households in Bloemfontein are headed by women with a dependency ratio of 40,8.  The community is plagued by drug trade, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and a ‘suicidal streak’ with high unemployment and poverty levels.

The factors indicate, and community consultation meetings confirmed that the Heidedal community needs interventions that facilitate the holistic development of the community by creating a safe space.  A safe space for learning to take place through exchanging knowledge and life -, professional – & interpersonal skills and where the hurt, habits and hang-ups of a ‘bleeding community’ community can be healed.

Our Services

Kairos Missions bought a property in Heidedal that serves as a community centre where programmes aim to address community challenges by the following:

Skills Development

Developing Heidedal community members’ skills to generate sustainable income and livelihoods through innovation and entrepreneurship


Building stable families in Heidedal through empowering men and women with knowledge and skills that will enable them to fulfil their divine roles in society and their homes

Children and Youth

Addressing the physical, emotional, spiritual, education and social needs of children and young people by providing them with knowledge and skills to restore their relationship with God, the self, others and nature


The needs of individuals that participate in our programmes are also met by providing food, clothes on a basic level, and Christian counselling and social work services on a deeper level. 

Soup Kitchen

We provide meals to 50-80 people daily. 

After School Care

Educational enrichment, academic support and supplementary tuition are provided to children of poor and needy parents after school throughout the year. 

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