Short term mission trips

Join us on our transformative short-term outreach trips to Lesotho, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Jordan, India, and Turkey! We’re dedicated to making a positive impact by partnering with local churches and communities. Our teams engage in a wide range of activities, including humanitarian relief for refugees in Jordan and Turkey, spreading the message of hope through various methods. From vibrant crusades to intimate door-to-door evangelism, captivating screenings of the Jesus Film to heartwarming interactions in schools, hospitals, and prisons – we’re involved in diverse outreach efforts. Everyone is invited to be part of our journey as we share the love and teachings of Jesus Christ with open hearts and open arms.


  1. Active Involvement in a Local Congregation: Prospective participants should be actively planted in a local congregation or church community. This involvement demonstrates commitment to spiritual growth, accountability, and an understanding of the importance of fellowship within the body of believers.
  2. Passion for Global Outreach: Individuals desiring to join our mission trip should possess a sincere heart for the nations. This includes a genuine desire to share the message of faith, serve communities in need, and contribute positively to cross-cultural experiences. A genuine interest in learning about and respecting other cultures is essential.
  3. Personal Relationship with Jesus: It is a prerequisite that all participants have a born-again experience and maintain an ongoing, personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This foundation of faith serves as the motivation for engaging in missions and sharing the message of salvation.
  4. Commitment to Pre-Trip Preparation: Participants are required to engage in pre-trip preparations, which may include attending orientation sessions, training workshops, and informational meetings. This commitment ensures that team members are equipped with the necessary skills, cultural understanding, and logistical information for a successful mission experience.
  5. Adaptability and Team Player: Mission trips involve working closely with fellow team members, local partners, and community members. Individuals should demonstrate a spirit of adaptability, flexibility, and a willingness to collaborate as a team. Openness to new experiences and the ability to work through challenges with a positive attitude are highly valued.
  6. Physical and Emotional Well-being: Mission trips can be physically and emotionally demanding. Prospective participants should be in good overall health to handle the rigors of travel, cultural adjustments, and serving in potentially challenging environments. It’s important to disclose any medical conditions or concerns during the application process.
  7. Fundraising and Financial Responsibility: Mission trips often involve financial costs for travel, accommodations, and other expenses. Participants should be prepared to engage in fundraising efforts and manage their financial commitments responsibly.
  8. Agreement with Statement of Faith and Guidelines: All participants should align with the organization’s statement of faith, code of conduct, and mission trip guidelines. This ensures a harmonious team dynamic and a consistent approach to sharing the message of faith.
  9. Legal and Travel Requirements: Participants should possess valid identification documents, passports (if international travel is involved), and any necessary visas or permits. It is the individual’s responsibility to comply with all legal and travel requirements.

how to register

Complete the registration form online.
Wait for a response from one of our team leaders.
Attend team meetings and training day.

2024 mission trips


21-25 February


21 March – 2 April


23 March – 4 April

Local (Murraysburg)

18-21 April

Missions Conference (Bloemfontein)

24-26 May


28 June – 8 July

Africa (Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia, Mozambique)

3 – 25 August

Local (Gariep)

12-15 September


19 – 30 October

Local (Christiana)

8 – 10 November


4 – 8 December

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